Julian Keel

Julian Keel BSc. DC, Chiropractor & Clinic Director

I’m Julian Keel, a father of 3 gorgeous daughters, a husband and a Chiropractor of 20+ years.

Whilst in my late teens I started to experience back pains and a trip to the chiropractor at age 18 revealed a mild scoliosis. The effect chiropractic had on me was so positive, I decided to join the profession. I have continued to receive regular chiropractic treatment and adopt healthy lifestyle choices to keep neck and shoulder problems and lower back pains at bay.

I qualified in chiropractic in 1994. After gaining experience working in clinics in the Home Counties and working with top-level sports people, such as Olympic decathlete Dean Macey and ex-F1 and Le Mans driver David Brabham, I decided to set up my own clinic and chose Barnes, as it was an area I had already fallen in love with.

julian keelAt about the same time I opened in late 1999 I was approached by the Williams F1 team to work alongside a personal trainer, providing the therapeutic care for their drivers, Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher, and race team.  This meant a busy, but highly enjoyable, 4 years of working in practice providing care for all ages and backgrounds here in Barnes, whilst at the same time travelling the world to all the F1 race fixtures.

Since starting practicing in Barnes I have built up a regular client base of satisfied clients who have recommended their friends, colleagues and family members.  One such recommendation was Wimbledon Champion, Pat Cash, who finds the chiropractic treatment and massage therapies here highly beneficial to his continuing tennis career.

Whilst travelling in the F1 world I was fortunate to meet my wife and after we both ‘retired’ from F1, started a family.  Family life has highlighted my enjoyment of providing care for pregnant mums and their babies and learning all I can about healthy nutrition.

Out of practice I have enjoyed keeping fit and healthy, golf, martial arts, cycling, reading and travel.

Since leaving chiropractic college I have furthered my knowledge and skills with post-graduate studies in cranial therapy, clinical nutrition, A.K (Applied Kinesiology), S.O.T (Sacro-Occipital Technique), N.O.T (Neural Organisation Technique), paediatrics, pregnancy and recently, N.S.A (Network Spinal Analysis). I have most recently completed Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP-UK 2017).

I feel passionate about my chosen profession and gain enormous satisfaction in my work seeing great improvements in people’s health.  I believe everyone can benefit from chiropractic and cranial care.  A healthy spine, cranium and nervous system should be regarded as being as important as regular exercise and good nutrition.

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