M&S and the British Chiropractic Association develop underwear range that helps with posture. Your Barnes Chiropractor comments.

M&S and the British Chiropractic Association develop underwear range that helps with posture.  Your Barnes Chiropractor comments.

Barnes Chiropractor Julian Keel applauds M&S and the British Chiropractic Association for their work to support good posture Can Underwear Help Your Posture? Chiropractors Working with Marks and Spencer Believe it Can. Well done Marks and Spencer and the British Chiropractic Association who have worked together to develop a women’s underwear range specifically aimed atRead More…

In Pain? Are You Suffering?

Barnes Chiropractic Offers Treatment for All The Family

Since Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare was established in November 2000, it has been providing quality chiropractic healthcare for people and families of all ages and backgrounds in Barnes and the surrounding areas in West and South West London.

The practice was founded by owner and principal chiropractor, Julian Keel.

Julian Keel Chiropractor in BarnesJulian says “Our team of practitioners at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to people. I am passionate about my chosen profession as a chiropractor and gain enormous satisfaction in my work seeing great improvements in people’s health.”

The practice has grown significantly as satisfied clients have recommended Barnes Chiropractic to their family members, friends and colleagues.

Pat Cash Julian Keel at Barnes Chiropractic Clinic“I had surgery on my back a long time ago and I was always conscious of it. I’ve been to a million therapists, but Julian’s the best. He’s got a real talent for finding what’s wrong.” Pat Cash, Wimbledon Champion

All The Family – All Ages And All Stages

Chiropractic and Cranial Therapy is suitable for all the family. Since having a family of his own, Julian became increasingly interested in providing care for pregnant mums and their babies and children.

Julian Keel and children“Since marrying and starting a family of my own I became interested in providing care for pregnant mums and their babies and children. This interest has led me to carry out further post-graduate studies in cranial therapy, paediatrics and pregnancy to expand the breadth of service I can. ” says chiropractor Julian

Conditions We Can Help You With

The effective care offered at Barnes Chiropractic Clinic can help treat a range of symptoms.

“Even though the first thing that may spring to mind is that ‘chiropractors treat backs’ – which they certainly do very successfully – today’s chiropractors also diagnose and treat other musculoskeletal disorders as well as a number of other conditions.” Julian says

In addition to treating back related problems, other conditions that can be helped with effective care include joint or muscle pains, some forms of headaches and migraines. Above all we are concerned with your total health.

Have a look at the “Beginner’s Guide to Chiropractic” for a helpful insight into this unique form of healthcare.


Other Treatments Provided At Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare

To complement the Chiropractic and Cranial Treatment available, the Clinic offers other treatments including:

The Clinic And Our Philosophy Toward Your Health Care

At Barnes Chiropractic Clinic we believe in providing a caring, personalised and professional service for all our clients.

The Clinic was originally located in serviced offices at 29 Barnes High Street whilst Julian worked between the clinic and his chiropractic commitments to the world of Formula 1 from 2001-2004. The practice moved to a modern, newly built clinic at number 43 Barnes High Street in March 2005.

Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare receptionYou will find a friendly and efficient atmosphere in our modern, spacious and comfortable clinic. The clinic provides the benefits of a dedicated reception team, two fully equipped treatment rooms, changing rooms and a comfortable reception/waiting area.

The emphasis is on providing you with quality care; we pride on giving our patients time to get a thorough understanding of their individual cases and also giving adequate time for providing a quality treatment every visit.

“After years of back pain and countless visits to various chiropractors, discovering Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare with their unique attitude to chiropractic care has been a breath of fresh air. Their complete holistic approach including cranial treatment has done wonders for my body and wellbeing.” D Cubitt

A Highly Experienced And Qualified Team Of Clinicians To Treat You

Here at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare we have a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of your case and drawing from more than 20 years of clinical experience including training  in the fields of sports, clinical nutrition and cranial therapy.

“I believe everyone can benefit from chiropractic and cranial care. A healthy spine, cranium and nervous system should be regarded as important as regular exercise and good nutrition”

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort then our experienced team of Chiropractors at Barnes Chiropractic Clinic are here to help you. Call us to arrange an appointment.

From Julian & the Team at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare
When You Need A Personalised Approach to Your Health
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