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Other Therapies at Barnes Healthcare Clinic

We offer a range of other therapies which complement our Chiropractic & Cranial Therapies. These include:

The clinicians at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare have a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of your case and drawing from more than 10 years of clinical experience and further training  in the fields of sports, nutrition and cranial therapy.

What Our Patients Say

“On top of a shock diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, 6 weeks ago I had the most agonising onset of sciatica in both legs. I’ve never known pain like it. Every step was torture with stabbing pains, my legs felt on fire. As Barnes Chiropractic was close to my home, so hobbling there was possible, I tried Julian’s [chiropractic] treatment, he also recommended a couple of sessions of Acupuncture [with Kelly Sun] and over the last few weeks, the pain has abated and I’m feeling like a different person. I SO recommend the treatment which is aimed at your whole being – not just the localised sore bits. Have patience and faith: I never thought I’d be free of agony – this is like a new life!” Philippa Deane 26.6.2012

“I highly recommend this excellent Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic. Julian has been treating me for over 14 years during which time he has successfully helped me – along with many of my family and friends – with various neck, back and joint issues. Over time, I have learned the importance of regular chiropractic “maintenance” sessions, including massages, which together act as a necessary preventative measure in keeping my joints and muscles flexible, thereby eradicating aches and pains…and, of course, helping to improve my golf swing! Many thanks to Julian and his wonderful, talented team.” Aidan McKenna

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort then our experienced team of Chiropractors at Barnes Chiropractic Clinic are here to help you. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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