Nutrition at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare

With Deborah McTaggart

Nutrition for high energy demand, stress travel & sport.

Nutrition with Deborah McTaggart

Nutrition with Deborah McTaggart

Feeling tired all the time? Want to get back your bounce?

I am a qualified nutritionist with a special interest in high energy demand, stress, travel and sport.  I work to high performing individuals, including executive and professional travellers, individuals juggling a business and home life, or those wanting energy and health solutions to their work-life balance.  Together we build health resilience so you can meet the challenges of your busy life.

My work is based in science.  I hold an MSc in Holistic Nutrition, have trained in Functional Medicine, genetic testing and continue my training in exercise, sports and resilience.  I work globally via Skype and locally via Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare.

I offer programmes rather than single consultations as I find these get the best results.  However single consultations can be available on request.

30 Day Eat for Energy – £197

This 30-Day Programme gives you the blue print on key strategies for how and what to eat for energy.  We work over 30 Days to get the very best in results.  You will have more sustained energy, better sleep and even handle stress better!

Bespoke Programmes

30 Days – £285 / 60 Days – £497 / 90 Days – £695

These are tailored to your specific health concern or request.  You may want a programme to fit your lifestyle, a focus on immunity or a closer look at a specific health concern.  3 months is an excellent period of time to see real results and know your efforts are being rewarded.

Jet Lag Protocols – £275

Almost everyone suffers from jet lag – those few days post a flight where you sleep at 4pm, wake at 1am, get hunger pangs in the middle of the night and just can’t face exercise.  The good news is we can reset our body clocks faster to our destination by working on the external cues that have the greatest impact on our internal clocks.  I design a fully detailed protocol that covers before, during and after the flight, looking at light exposure, sleep, meal times, exercise patterns and nutrition.  Farewell jet lag!

Genetic Testing

Genetics is an excellent tool to understand your personal health with precision.  My own test revealed some interesting genes that made me rethink my own diet.  I believe it’s a smart choice to understand your blueprint for health when the science of food and lifestyle has the answer to ameliorate any risks.  Tests are available are DNA-Health (general), DNA-Diet (weight balance), DNA-Sport (injury, recovery & performance), DNA-Oestrogen (hormonal health).  See my site or drop me a line for more information and prices.



  • Tired all the time & want to get back your bounce?
  • Stress related disorders (eg poor sleep, digestion issues)
  • Low resilience (poor immunity, fatigue, injury)
  • Inflammation (systemic due to poor gut health, weight gain) or local (sporting trauma/injury).
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and blood building
  • ‘Burn out’, adrenal fatigue
  • Travelling, jet lag and on the move fatigue and exhaustion
  • Energy related disorders
  • cognitive / physical performance related issues
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Low mood & anxiety

Deborah McTaggart

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