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With Deborah McTaggart

Nutrition for high energy demand, stress travel & sport.

Nutrition with Deborah McTaggart

Nutrition with Deborah McTaggart

Feeling tired all the time?

Want to get back your bounce?

We thrive on challenge but often we tip the scales and lose our vitality suffering stress, burn out, fatigue and over training.  Using the best in nutrition science, proven lifestyle factors, laboratory testing and practical resilience strategies, you can learn to thrive when challenged.

30 Day Programme including initial consultation and weekly 30 minute consult via phone for the very best in results. £197

 90 Day Programme, £525

My Programmes are tailored specifically to your health concern and health history.  I work with you for 30 days so you can get the best results.

We start with preparation and small adjustments to ease you into a new approach.  We then begin on a nutrition plan that works for you.  We work together throughout including the initial consultation and weekly 30 minute consults ivia phone.  I work holistically looking at lifestyle factors, stress and exercise alongside diet.  Laboratory work may be required and supplements are likely to be suggested.  I also offer genetic testing which can help short cut our way to solutions.

How I can help you

  • Tired all the time & want to get back your bounce?
  • Stress related disorders (eg poor sleep, digestion issues)
  • Low resilience (poor immunity, fatigue, injury)
  • Inflammation (systemic due to poor gut health, weight gain) or local (sporting trauma/injury).
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and blood building
  • Sleep
  • ‘Burn out’, adrenal fatigue
  • Travelling, jet lag and on the move fatigue and exhaustion
  • Energy related disorders
  • cognitive / physical performance related issues
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Low mood & anxiety
  • Although I do not specialise in auto immunity I have worked successfully with clients with CFS and MS.

I offer free 15 minute introductory consultations.  I also offer genetic testing, please see my website or drop me a line for more information.

Call 020 8878 7887 or 07557 990 229








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