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Babies & Children at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare

As parents, we all want to ensure that our precious little ones and growing children get off to the best start in life.

“Around the time my wife was pregnant with our first daughter in 2005, I was very interested in the benefits of cranial and chiropractic care for the pregnant patient and for babies, so I underwent studies and training in cranial therapy and S.O.T. (Sacro-Occipital Technique). It’s been a fantastic set of skills to be able to offer my patients.” – Julian Keel


Gentle Treatment For Little People

The treatments offered to babies at our clinic involves extremely gentle and focused pressure on parts of the skull, spine and pelvis in order to reduce the tension they are carrying. We find this often really helps to relax babies.

Chiropractor Julian Keel and children“Since marrying and starting a family of my own I have become increasingly interested in providing care for pregnant mums and their babies and children. This interest has led me to carry out further post-graduate studies in cranial therapy, paediatrics and pregnancy to expand the breadth of service I can provide to all ages. ” says chiropractor Julian


A natural and effective approach to improving the well-being of our children is one of the worthiest investments we are privileged to be able to assist with.

Many childhood health complaints can often be traced to the spine. Contributory factors such as poor posture, heavy school bags, hours on the computer or slouched on the sofa watching TV have become more and more prevalent. Taking good care of a child’s spine is very important for their overall health, wellbeing and development.

Children will be children and will suffer knocks and falls whether it be playing on the garden or playing sports such football, hockey, rugby or doing gymnastics. These injuries can result in back or neck problems or other joint and muscle pains.

Chiropractic treatment is always adapted to meet the individual patient’s needs and this especially so in the case of children.

At Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare we aim to reassure parents that by taking a proactive approach and identifying the root cause of a problem, we can help keep our little ones happy and healthy.

If you think your baby or child can benefit from gentle and safe care and treatment, the the team at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare is at hand to help. Call us to make an appointment.

From Julian & the Team at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare
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