Clinical Hypnotherapy at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare

with Kate Levy

All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Even the most skilled hypnotherapist can’t hypnotise someone that’s resistant.

You need to give yourself permission to be hypnotised. It’s only then that the hypnotic trance can be reached and positive work can begin.

We treat:

Stress and Anxiety

Through hypnotherapy we will explore together  the trigger points for your negative reactions to stressful scenarios and you will learn how to manage stress calmly,  simply and naturally on a day to day basis.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare is a fantastic tool to work with if you want to gain control of your eating habits and regain conscious control of your weight.  I believe this is one area where you will need around 6 sessions over a 12 week period to see real beneficial change although you should feel the transformation beginning after the first session


It is 3am and you have to be up in three and a half hours.  Now its 3.05am.  We have all been there and it is awful.  Whether you are going through a stressful time at work or in a relationship,  are going through the menopause,  or simply have no idea why you can’t sleep,  it’s a waking nightmare. Hypnotherapy can help.

Smoking Cessation

Once the decision is clear, the doing is effortless – says the I Ching.  With the decision to stop smoking, you are halfway there.  I charge the cost of a months’ worth of smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.  Everyone can stop for at least a month, so your costs will be covered, but you have decided to stop forever.  The smoking cessation session is 90 minutes and sometimes clients ask for a second session to compound the work a month later.  We record all sessions so you can replay the hypnosis and I will teach you some self-hypnosis as well.

Flushes and Menopausal Matters

Everything suddenly has changed and it is frightening.  Always been the same weight and suddenly gained a stone.  How?  Always had a healthy sex life and now find you want to shout at anyone that evens mentions it?  Suddenly you feel  dull,  ordinary and flat and want to curl up in a ball and make it all go away.  Hypnotherapy  in Barnes will help you deal with all of these changes.

Dealing with Cancer and Chemotherapy

‘The word was said and the world stopped.’  That is what a client told me if felt like for her.   She was left with the need to make sure life carried on as normal for her family but for her it felt surreal. Hypnotherapy cannot cure cancer but it can help you manage the treatments and the pain in a more relaxed and open manner.   For the treatments to be the most beneficial to you, all of you,  mind and body need to be aligned and focused on healing,  remission and recovery.   Hypnotherapy can help you welcome the drugs, welcome the chemo port and welcome your journey to recovery.  It can help with all the side effects you have to deal with.  It is okay to be frightened.  It’s okay to be anxious.  Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you find a place in your memory to sit while the procedures are happening and a place in your subconscious to feel comforted and relaxed.

 Phobia and Fear

I saw it and I froze. Couldn’t move. My heart raced and I thought I would pass out. Everything has a root cause and together we will address your fears at your pace, with you in control and together we will change your negative feelings around them to positive ones.   Most fears and phobias can be helped with hypnotherapy in one or two sessions.  You can be free of fear.

Confidence Boosting and Public Speaking

I have this dream where I go up on stage and the audience is packed and I don’t remember a thing.  This is one of the most common anxieties and strangely something experienced by almost all the most charismatic and successful people we are likely to meet.   Whether it is a best man’s speech, a work presentation or you are the key note speaker,  Hypnotherapy is a tool that can increase your confidence and help you to breathe and be calm so that your presentation is professional and relaxed and you do remember everything.

 Other issues we help include:

Fear of Flying – Bruxism – Post traumatic stress disorder – Binge Eating Disorders and many more.

If you are experiencing any of the above conditions or wish to find out more, then Hypnotherapist Kate Levy at Barnes Chiropractic Clinic is here to help you. Call to arrange an appointment with us.

From Julian & the Team at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare
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