Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans is a fan of regular Chiropractic


Chris Evans says he's feeling better than he has for years thanks to Chiropractic

Chris Evans says he’s feeling better than he has for years thanks to Chiropractic


Radio 2 Breakfast Show presenter Chris Evans has a passion for cars and in a recent car review in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, he also revealed that he’s a big fan of Chiropractic saying “I can’t recommend regular adjustments highly enough.”

 In his recent quest to get fitter, Chris was troubled by a recurring stabbing pain just above his right buttock, which gave cause to him hunting down a local chiropractor. However, this isn’t his first experience of Chiropractic, he admits that he made regular visits to a Chiropractor whilst living in Los Angeles.

Chris says that after only one visit, his Chiropractor had already “worked wonders on what has become my increasingly twisted and groaning middle-aged frame”.  A few sessions later and he says he’s feeling better than he has done in years.

Barnes Chiropractor Julian Keel who has had the pleasure of helping many celebrity (and non-celebrity) clients agrees with Chris Evans that one side effect of the more you get sorted, is the more you notice what’s wrong, like, for example, the chair he sits in every morning, from which he hosts his radio show!

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