National Feet for Life month

This month is “Feet for life” awareness month and there’s new research from The College of Podiatry that shows that half of UK women will put up with uncomfortable shoes for fashion and as a result 90% of UK females have foot problems ranging from blisters to arthritis.

The research shows that a common sense approach should be taken – the leading cause of UK women’s foot problems is women’s shoes.

Barnes Chiropractor Julian Keel, often advises his patients on sensible approaches to footwear as he sees the repercussions of foot problems in the many spine-related conditions he treats on a daily basis and agrees with comments from Lorraine Jones from the college of Podiatry

“We all like to look good but it’s important to take a common sense approach to footwear. High heels and flip flops are fine to wear occasionally but not all the time. For day to day wear you should opt for a well-fitting round toed shoe with a heel height of around 3cm.”

If you’re suffering from foot pain, consider that your spine and pelvis may have a contributing effect. Get an expert assessment from Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare, call us on 020 8878 7887






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