M&S and the British Chiropractic Association develop underwear range that helps with posture. Your Barnes Chiropractor comments.

M&S Perfect Poise with the British Chiropractic Association

M&S Perfect Poise™ with the British Chiropractic Association

Barnes Chiropractor Julian Keel applauds M&S and the British Chiropractic Association for their work to support good posture

Can Underwear Help Your Posture? Chiropractors Working with Marks and Spencer Believe it Can.

Well done Marks and Spencer and the British Chiropractic Association who have worked together to develop a women’s underwear range specifically aimed at helping improve posture.

A bra, high-waisted knickers and an all-in-one body, with specially designed panels serving functions such as supporting and aligning the spine, is a clever idea.  Great posture can have a huge bearing on health, by strengthening your back, and on your silhouette.

M&S say the items are lightweight, smooth and discreet under clothing.  They’ve called the range Perfect Poise™ and say that in an independent test of more than 100 women, over 87 per cent said they felt the new range supported their backs.

Paschal Little, who helped design the body-shaping technology, said: ‘Seventy-four per cent of Brits say they want to improve their posture so I think we’ve hit upon a trend. It’s been received very well so far.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2206950/Rounded-shoulders-permanent-slouch-M-amp-S-undies-perfect-posture.html#ixzz27hvZn8dL

At Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare we will assess your posture as part of your chiropractic consultation.  Being a chiropractor includes carefully studying how well the body is aligned; I will explain your individual personally tailored treatment plan, incorporating any necessary posture work.  Don’t let posture be a pain in the back.

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