How Is A Chiropractor Like A Dentist?

It used to be that losing teeth during life was the norm.  But due to improved dental care and regular dental checks, that situation has drastically changed.  This will soon be the same for people and their spines as more and more people realise the benefits of chiropractic’s proactive approach to health.

chiro_thumbChiropractors can detect problems long before they become symptomatic, just like dentists find cavities long before toothache develops. Back pain is the single biggest reason for taking time off work, yet most people still live in hope that their spine will take care of itself.

If we consider how many different ways one challenges and misuses the complex series of interactions of joints, muscles and nerves of our spines, day in, day out, it is hardly surprising that things go wrong.  We hope that what we offer at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare will be part of your ongoing health considerations.

Like dental treatment, getting into the habit of prevention is a great approach:  pain-saving in the long run and beneficial for life and health.  Call 020 8878 7887 to book a check up and feel the benefits.


From Julian & the Team at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare
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