Dr Who has a Chiropractor on standby

Capaldi Dr Who Chiropractor

Peter Capaldi 12th Dr Who benefits from chiropractic treatment

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Time Lord, has revealed that the BBC has a chiropractor on call for him. He has been battling the cyborgs since January ahead of the new series of Doctor Who which is due to air in August.

Capaldi, who revealed that professionals are on standby, said at 56 he is the oldest Doctor Who since William Hartnell, and bosses at the BBC are looking out for him.

Despite his good health – bosses are sufficiently pro-active to have a chiropractor at hand and a paramedic on site.

A BBC spokesman denied that having a chiropractor available had anything to do with Capaldi’s age, and said that all his predecessors had been given the same treatment.

In a statement they said: “Being the Doctor involves lots of stunts and action sequences, including hanging from harnesses for long periods of time. All our Doctors have found chiropractor appointments helpful. ”

Barnes chiropractor Julian Keel isn’t surprised to hear that another celebrity is finding chiropractic helpful for keeping them on top form for their performance. “Over the past 20 years of practice, I’ve had the privilege of looking after many actors, singers and performers who’ve chosen chiropractic as big part of their health requirements.”

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